Hi There! Nice to Meet You!

Yoga Therapist in Training & Pastry Chef

My certifications:

500 RYT (700+ hrs of training)

1,000 IAYT (in training 800+ completed)


Mélanie was born in France and is the fruit of a métissage: Réunion Island and France. Her diverse cultural identities and worldly travels make it so that every project she undertakes is a truly colourful kaleidoscope. 

Having taught French for more than a decade at the University and College level, in 2017 she then decides to follow her dream of studying fine pastry-making in Paris, France.

While attending pastry school and working in pastry shops, she discovers that what goes on behind the scenes isn't always as pretty as the final product. As a result, she decides to experience pastry-making using a creative and mindful approach.

Years of practicing meditation, yoga and personal development work led her to realize that her vision has always been to teach, empower, and encourage people to live to their fullest potential, helping them realize who they are and connecting to the present moment through every aspect of their lives.


Her values of integrity, happiness, learning/teaching, empowerment, and compassion, are linked to the root of it all: Nature and what it has to offer. That is why she believes in using the finest local and/or organic products (non GMO, pesticide-free, fair-trade) as well as putting her positive energy and creativity into her yoga and pastry (sometimes both at once!) classes. 

Mélanie has currently completed 800+ hours in a 1,000-hour Certified Yoga Therapy Program in Vancouver and Chennai, India under the Krishnamacharya/D.K.V Desikachar Tradition (Viniyoga). 


No matter what she teaches, her aim is to guide her students so that they may connect and gain awareness to themselves, are able to live in the present moment and heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

I express my immeasurable gratitude to all the teachers (on all continents) that have guided me on this life path I am on today. Without their guidance and goodwill, I would not have been the person I am today nor would have I been able to pass down to my students the knowledge and wisdom I have learned. 

- Mélanie